yacht sales

Thank you so much for your interest in our yacht sales. We understand that yacht buying experience is usually a complex one, and our goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. All our yacht sale is handled by licensed and professional yacht brokers with extensive experience not only in yacht sales, but also in chartering, maintenance, repair, and surveying.

What can we do for you?

  • we can help you find the yacht most suitable to your budget, needs and lifestyle
  • we can provide you with the licensed, trusted, and qualified marine surveyor
  • we can help you with selecting right marine insurance for your new investment
  • we will handle and assist with all necessary paperwork (contracts, inspection, bank loans, etc).
  • If you think you'd like your new yacht to generate extra income for you we will help you choose right yacht management program. We will also file for sales tax exemption for you (available to charter yacht owners only) and assist with obtaining many other benefits available to charter yacht owners only.
  • we'll be glad to train you if you are new to the world of boating, so that you can get absolutely the most out of your new investment and boat safely and responsibly!


If you think of becoming a proud yacht owner, or perhaps have a yacht for sale or charter, please talk to us. There is absolutely no obligation to use our services, and we are always happy to help if we can!

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